About Us

Vault Ltd. pioneered the Off-Site Records Management industry in Bermuda in 1988 with Data Storage Center (a division of Bermuda Forwarders Ltd. at the time). Vault was also the first to introduce dynamic warehouse management. With all cartons stored within eyesight of the City of Hamilton, Vault offers the fastest delivery of cartons island-wide. With Vault's expertise, speed of delivery and personalised customer service the only way you'll know you are storing your cartons off-site is by the money you'll save.

Vault's professional representatives will show you how to streamline your record-keeping services and add profit to your bottom line. Vault offers InfokeeperTM online record management system so you control exactly what you get and when. Convenient hours, centrally located facilities, secure storage and destruction, carton sales and the fastest delivery combine to make Vault the right record storage option for you.

Vault also offers self-access, secure, ground-level storage options designed specially for small and medium enterprises seeking the convenience of a City base without all the overhead. Contact us today to inquire about availability.

Our Services

Why Outsource Record Management?

Secure, off-site record management makes sense in Bermuda for 3 main reasons:

  • Decentralised risk: storing your physical records at your office provides easier access to disgruntled employees and makes disaster recovery more challenging should something catastrophic affect central offices
  • Unhackable: once paper is created, not only is the cost of creating digital scans prohibitive, is may expose mass propagation of files through a single security failure point
  • Cost: even after an investment in high density racking, the cost and lack of ceiling height makes it far less expensive to store files at Vault's purpose built facilities versus in premium office space

Commercial Self-Storage

Vault's monthly rental of ground level containers and garage style rooms are the perfect base station for many mobile small and medium businesses. Vault's prime location within minutes of the City of Hamilton allow for efficient restocking and low overheads.

Contact us

Meredith Paynter | 441-542-9220 | storage@vault.bm